Introduction to Geographic Information Systems - GIS in Business applications

This is a three part introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Part 1 - Basics of GIS
Part 2 - GIS in E-Governance
Part 3 - GIS in Business applications


GIS in marketing

Why use GIS?
     If you need to know the answers to any of these questions, you need GIS:

GIS and mapping solutions are used by many businesses to help them understand dynamic situations and make more savvy strategic decisions. GIS/Mapping solutions can help tailor the needs of any kind of geographically widespread operation.

PrithviGIS- a user friendly GIS software

GIS is described as a geographical equivalent of a spreadsheet, i.e. allows answers to "what if" questions with spatial dimensions.

Area-wise display on map of sale of products is possible. With PrithviGIS- a user friendly GIS software areas could be split up as post maps, block-maps, tehsil-maps, district-maps or state-maps. This ensures cost-effective sales planning.Area-wise display on map of sale of products is possible.

Market mapping is possible with PrithviGIS- a user friendly GIS software.

Interactive analysis.
District wise sale of XYZ Ltd., where query generated shows regions having sale>425 units

PrithviGIS- a user friendly GIS software can be integrated with existing database of your organization.

Data can be shown in PrithviGIS- a user friendly GIS software as:

Some other uses of PrithviGIS- a user friendly GIS software are report generation, marketing research, demand forecasting, property management/real estate, demographic analysis, distribution logistics etc.


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