Customized GIS solutions

Considering that running an average GIS software requires a dedicated fully trained GIS professional, it is natural that many places get by with using CAD software or other drawing packages like coreldraw, where a GIS software is the best fit. Getting a customized GIS software solution is considered to be too expensive considering that GIS softwares are costly in themself, and customizinng them adds a fat bundle to their cost. Prithvitech on the other hand keeps customization costs low, and thus provides an affordable customized and user friendly GIS solution.

A focus on user friendly GIS solutions

At Prithvitech, we believe that software should be simple, easy and user friendly. We work hard towards that end to allow your life to be easier. Our Geographic Information System -PrithviGIS- a user friendly GIS software is designed keeping user friendliness in mind. Constant reviews by usability experts ensure a steady improvement in its user friendliness.

A total solution from Prithvitech is a joy to use. We study your requirements, propose a solution on paper - described as diagrams and clear text. When both you and our team are satisfied, we proceed to customize our user friendly GIS software - PrithviGIS- a user friendly GIS software to implement your requirements.

Considering that we created PrithviGIS- a user friendly GIS software here itself, we are familier with every aspect of the software. Not only that, we're quite capable of implementing functionality which other softwares do not even have at all. We would go so far as to say that what we give is hardly a GIS. It is a user friendly solution to your problems, and NOT a hard-to-use tool which needs a lot of research and tinkering by dedicated personnel.

An implementation of PrithviGIS- a user friendly GIS software at Family Welfare department

The family welfare department, Government of Uttar Pradesh (GOUP) wishes to depict it's Primary Health Care Centers (PHC) and Sub-Centers on maps. It also wishes to show the villages which are being catered to by each Sub-Center. The customization requirements were as follows -

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Description : Prithvitech provides highly customized user friendly GIS (Geographic Information System) solutions. Our solutions prove affordable and low cost.
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