Introduction to Geographic Information Systems - GIS in E-Governance

This is a three part introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Part 1 - Basics of GIS
Part 2 - GIS in E-Governance
Part 3 - GIS in Business applications

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Geographic Information Systems in E-governance

Electronic Governance(e-governance) is tool by which citizens can communicate with government. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) provides appropriate e-government solutions for citizens with the help of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). A user friendly GIS software like PrithviGIS- a user friendly GIS software can play an important role in planning, developing and implementation of government programmes by for example allowing creation of GIS enabled websites, use of GIS in planning and monitoring of agricultural sectors and much more through digital governance.

Possible usage scenarios of PrithviGIS- a user friendly GIS software in Urban Planning, Development

PrithviGIS- a user friendly GIS software can allow access to administrative records :

Possible usage scenarios of PrithviGIS- a user friendly GIS software to check power theft in the power distribution:

In the telecommunication sector for e.g. telephone exchanges information:

PrithviGIS- a user friendly GIS software For Agricultural sector e.g.:sugarcane

Statistical analysis of wheat yield in 1995-96 in tons/ha in UP.
Agricultural Analysis

GIS enabled website for the Tourism Industry using PrithviGIS- a user friendly GIS software. for e.g. in a city queries should give:

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Keywords : E-governanace, Implementation of government programmes, digital government, PrithviGIS, GIS enabled website, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Description : Possible usaage scenarios of GIS and Information and Communication Technologies in improving e-governance.
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