Geographic Information Systems

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Our GIS section consists of GIS/CAD professionals and hard core programmers. Backed by our own GIS software -PrithviGIS- a user friendly GIS software our team has a cutting edge in GIS technology.PrithviGIS- a user friendly GIS softwarecan be used as a platform for providing customized GIS solutions. Our aim is to provide full solutions rather than just sell a software.

GIS Services

  • Customized desktop based GIS solutions.
  • Customized web based GIS solutions using google maps, yahoo maps, microsoft maps, mapserver, and other such web based mapping solutions.
  • Integration of gis front-ends with your existing business application database.
  • GIS data processing services - cleaning of data, topology building etc.
  • GIS data conversion services - spatial or alphanumeric data
  • Digitizing of maps from cloth, mylar, and paper sheets.
  • Drafting of CAD drawings.

GIS Team

Our GIS Team consists of:

  • GIS/CAD Professionals.
  • Programmers and Database administrators.
  • Rtd. officer Irrigation Dept.
  • Rtd. officer Geological Survey of India.

Our team works in close co-ordination to provide you with Solutions and Services as per your needs.

Our Specialized Services

  • Integrating existing office workflows with maps, which makes maximum impact with minimum training, and minimum change in working of the organization.
  • Streamlining existing office workflows by designing map enabled applications tailored specifically to the organization. This creates an integrated flowline for all digital products like MIS, ERP, CRM and other databases and custom applications, and increases productivity.

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Description : Geographic Information Systems - GIS and digitization related services, softwares and solutions provided by Prithvitech. Prithvitech provides customized and user friendly GIS solutions.
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