E-Commerce system

Screenshot of client server e-commerce system built by Prithvitech using java

Client's identity, product description and details of the system are not public. What follows is the technologies we used on the project.

The system implements searching for products and wish lists, people search, sorting of search results, chat, favourite users, banners linking to user products, etc.

Initial testing of the EXISTING system revealed that the system crashed with a load of 30 simultaneous clients. By the time we were done with optimizations, each server could handle more than 2800 clients. We implemented the server as a pluggable parallel server architecture, implying that the overall system could linearly scale at the rate of 2800 clients per server.

High-end Technical functionalities implemented.

Special technical features implemented.

Technologies used : sockets, jsp, servlets, image thumbnails using JIMI, XML using SAX parser, JDBC, swing, RMI, JMS on SwiftMQ.

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Description : E-commerce System - Parallel servers, PreparedStatement pooling JMS, Thread Management on server, testing, Tested single server with large number of clients, implemented deadlock avoidance, multithreading issues
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