A Linux based system with web interface to manage the Bandwidth and users of ISPs (Internet Service Providers)


  • Disallow unauthorized usage (PREVENT THEFT).
  • Gateway to internet for Last mile networks. Control of users, access, protocols etc. for such networks.
  • An administration panel allows creation of users, bandwidth pools, packages, time-slots. Usage statistics, graphs etc
  • Uses IP QoS and Level Filtering for refined bandwidth utilization of ingress/egress traffic.

Define packages to provide users with:

  • Bandwidth allocation (eg premium/normal bandwidth segment).
  • Timeslots for users to operate in.
  • Upload/download quota limits.
  • Total hours of login time permitted.
  • Duration of package (say a month).


  • Provides an easy interface to block access to undesired domains, cutting down on excessive usage of precious bandwidth.
  • Equitable distribution of Bandwidth.
  • Guaranteed bandwidth per pool.
  • Streamlining services of ISP.
  • Usage of QoS insures consistent and predictable data service delivery.

Technologies Used

Java (Jsse-secure sockets, JDBC, awt). Perl
(perl->MYSQL dbi), C(crypt, C->MYSQL), php.
MYSQL Database.
Linux advanced Routing and Traffic Control, shell scripts.

(QoS is the ability to provide consistent, predictable data service delivery to satisfy customer application requirements. Several characteristics qualify QoS, including the capability to minimize delivery delay, reduce delay variations, and provide consistent data throughput capacity.)


Traffic Shaper Module

  • Protocol Authentication.
  • Filter in-coming connections based on ports.
  • Port redirection and blocking supported.
  • Instant Traffic Discovery.
  • Classify and Prioritize traffic.

Reporting Module

  • 60-second granularity for historical data.
  • PHP based usage statistics stored in a MySQL database.
  • Network Monitoring facility.
  • Accounting is done per user.

Package Manager

Define Subscription Package for users containing:

  • Bandwidth pool for package.
  • Data transfer quota.
  • Duration of subscription validity.
  • Total hours of operation permitted.
  • Permitted Time-slots, in which package operates.

QoS Enforcement Module

  • Pools are definitions for maximum Ingress/Egress bandwidth.
  • Differential Services protocol.

Security Module


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Description : User/bandwidth control software developed by Prithvitech. Streamlines services of Inernet Service Provider (ISP), TDP,QoS, Firewall prevents DOS attacks, equitable distribution of bandwidth, Linux advanced Routing and traffic control (TC)
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