The Website of Financial Statistics Department, Govt. of U.P. 

The website displays grants, progressive allotted budget/expenditure by district as summary as well as in detail from Oracle database of the department.

The sql queries involved in this website are very involved and typical. Made particularly more complex, since the specifications did not come as specifications, but rather as existing sql queries of 35Kilobytes per report.

Work also involved speeding up the queries (query optimization) and results to enable processing to take place quickly, considering that the database behind the reports is HUGE.
The SQL queries provided by the client were speeded up by a factor of more than a hundred. When we were given the queries by the client, they used to run for upto 12-15 minutes per query to generate a report. These reports (after our query optimization) now get generated within 3-4 seconds, and the speedup is not a result of applying indexes (which were already in-place).

The site uses flash on the main page to give a break from monotony, as desired by the department.

Technologies used : Oracle, ASP, Flash, HTML, DHTML, Javascript (JS)

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Note: Currently, the site is active only during office hours, in the first week of the month. This means that you might not be able to open the site very easily.

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Description : Details of website of financial statistics dept., Government of Uttar Pradesh, developed by Prithvitech consultants.
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