A C# and ASP.NET based quick order entry system for a distributor

This order entry system has been developed in association with Buteo Software, Ohio, US for for

The quick order entry system is designed to allow dealers and retailers to quickly enter orders for the extensive hierarchical catalog of Gare Inc. The product inventory, dealer(customer) database and orders are all stored on a Microsoft MS-SQL database server. On demand, the order tables are exported in the form of an Access mdb file, and served via the web to the requesting employee.

The web application provides an employee interface to manage the application, and a customer interface, which can be used for entering bulk orders.


The system is functional (but password protected) at http://www.gare.com/quickorder/

Technologies used : MS-SQL Server as RDBMS, ASP.Net (C#), data import and export from and to MS-Access mdb files, HTML, DHTML, Javascript (JS).

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Description : A quick order entry system for distributors developed using ASP.Net and SQLServer.
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