Customization & Implementation of PrithviGIS at Family Welfare Department

The family welfare department, Government of Uttar Pradesh (GOUP) wishes to depict it's Primary Health Care Centers (PHC) and Sub-Centers on maps. It also wishes to show the villages which are being catered to by each Sub-Center.


Software and Customization

Since this is a mapping project where Spatial information is to be overlayed with symbolic representation of metadata, a Geographic Information System (GIS) is needed to fulfill the requirements. No existing software fulfilled the requirements as given below. Therefore, we decided to customize our PrithviGIS to deliver a solution to the Family Welfare Department.

Software customization required -

arrows generated on the fly
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Mass data conversion, merging and manipulation

Data was supplied to us from 3 different sources -

PrithviGIS was modified to attach a special data merge utility, which joins and brings in data from the database and displays immediately on creation of polygon and entry of it's id.

Digitization and data linking

This part of the requirement consisted of the following activities -

Technologies used :

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Description : Software customization and implementation of PrithviGIS - at Family Welfare Department. PrithviGIS is a GIS software developed by Prithvitech.
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