The Gram Panchayat Accounting Software 

NOTE: This product is now relaunched as a service on the website

This software, developed by Prithvitech, helps accountants create accounts for Gram Panchayats (village governing bodies).

The software was created in association with M/s Piyush Mishra and Co. - an accounting firm, which provided domain specific expertise.

The Prithvitech Gram Panchayat Accounting software is in use by many accounting firms engaged in creating accounts for Gram Panchayats, and has been proved successful with large and small accounts. Considering the type of variations that occur between different Gram Panchayats, the software performs beyond expectations.

Aggregation of accounts has also been tested; where accounts from multiple Gram Panchayats can be aggregated to build a larger picture of say a Block or Vikas Khand.


This is user-friendly software, which helps accountants create accounts for Gram Panchayats. The software was created to meet the need of accountants for software, which could generate reports in predefined format. According to the requirements set for creating Gram Panchyat accounts, expenses/income under various heads are to be slotted into ready-made categories (adding a new expense/income head is permitted). The accounts are to be presented in 16 preset formats, including annual expense under each category, monthly expense by category, cash book, etc.

Emphasis on usability

Special emphasis has been paid to the usability of this application.

Screenshot of Data Entry Module

To ease data entry, the accounting software maintains a hierarchial list of all ready-made categories (in Hindi) under which income/expenses can be entered. Easy placement of lists of these categories in a hierarchy assists quick selection of category, without any typing. Bank accounts (as well as cash and investments) are again placed in a convenient list. Using this list, the data entry operator can select an account to make a transaction from.

Accounts from the previous year 'roll over' into the next year. This saves time over systems which keep each year distinct, and force operators to enter account information for each year. The step, although simple in concept, is slightly tricky to implement, since it involves creating a very clear seperation between the transactions of each year for all the various reports that are to be generated. The use of Object Oriented technologies, specially encapsulation helps in achieving this tricky objective easily.

Screenshot of Setup screen, including Accounts Setup

Tallying entered data

To tally data entered, a cash book is generated on the fly, and is always available in a software 'tab'. The beginning and end of year accounts are always visible in this tab.

Screenshot of cash book

Output Report generation

Using the cash book created from these entries, a series of reports according to the prescribed format are created and put out to a pdf file.
The report generation is done via a completely separate interface. With this seperation, we were able to create a service model for this application, where the data entry module could be given free of cost, open for replication on any number of terminals, and report generation could be charged for separately.

Attention pays back

With all this attention paid to user friendliness and ease and speed of operation, the software allows for accounts of an average Gram Panchayat (for four years) to be created in approximately four hours as compared to around six to eight hours using other competing softwares.

Technologies used : Java - Swing, serialization, IText api for Java to PDF, Hindi fonts

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Description : Details of Gram Panchayat Accounting Software, developed by Prithvitech.
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