The Prithvitech Software Labs

Prithvitech focuses on quality of work delivered

We've taken a number of steps to ensure quality of delivered software.

Automated workflow control mechanism - which provides a tight control over the project management process. The mechanism has been implemented in software, and provides for better team interoperation, and enforces quality checks on each task that our teams perform.

UML used to analyze projects - Apart from a better software system design, this UML analysis also allows for greater involvement of the client in the design of the system. (UML stands for Unified Modelling Language - this provides a digrammatic representation of the design of your software)
We follow a formal software development methodology which is geared to take maximum advantage of Object Oriented Programming and UML design.

FOCUS ON USABILITY. User friendliness and ease of use are always on top of our minds, and we make special efforts to ensure that our software is easy for you to use.

We understand security. We know how hackers try to attack your application. Having developed a security centric application like the network Bandwidth Manager for cable internet service providers has given us a unique insight on security. We know how to write code to minimize your risks.

We realize the importance of Testing Software. Apart from using standard testing softwares and simple manual testing, testing techniques used by us include designing special load test modules for stress testing and random user behaviour. This provides you with a double advantage :
1) You get a finished product which you can just start using, confidant that it can withstand loads.
2) Downtime due to system crashes is greatly reduced.

Our teams are adept at creating robust scalable solutions with Heterogenous Technologies. We pay special attention towards developing

  • Highly efficient and fast software solutions.
  • Scalable software.
  • A user friendly - easy to use interface.

Our focus on design principles and constant code refractoring greatly improves reliability of code. With years of experience and insight behind us, our solutions prove robust and reliable.

 Our Team 

  • Masters degree holders in Computers.
  • Sun Certified Java Programmers.
  • Website Designers.

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Description : Prithvitech provides quality Software Development Services, E-commerce and dynamic websites. Advantages - Automated workflow control mechanism, UML for analysis, importance to testing and security.
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