An Article on Outsourcing 

One finds many things written on outsourcing these days. We do not claim to have said anything new or outstanding. This article is simply the results of our experiences in executing outsourcing projects, the pitfalls that people face, and what to watch out for. We hope it proves of use to prospective outsourcing clients.

Outsourcing is the ultimate stage in it's evolution branch of work methodology. One of the reasons why outsourcing has turned out to be a green area is because companies are facing a major problem in retaining their employees, who keep leaving with an alarming regularity. Another problem is the short life span of technologies themselves, adding up costs in terms of training and acquiring technologies.
Outsourcing provides a good solution to these problems, and of-late has become a strategic necessity.

Before going in for outsourcing, people commonly ask the following questions :

A list of common factors affecting decisions on outsourcing :

Advantages of outsourcing.

Some people/firms vehemently oppose outsourcing.

Points to remember:

Outsourcing is not for everybody, instead of proving beneficial it may bounce back. So if you are new to it, please watch out:

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