Project And Workflow Management System (PWMS)

PWMS was created to ease the workflow management of the software development process at Prithvitech, allowing us to focus on our software development rather than the nitty gritties of auditing, tracking tasks and bugs, and countless other problems in the software development life cycle.

PWMS can also easily be extended to help manage the workflow of any manufacturing company. The software helps in making the manufacturing/development process lean and efficient. It minimizes use of paper, keeps an audit trail, enables message passing and comments between members involved in the process, and provides a clean and easy to use interface. We will be coming out with a web interface too soon.

Project and Workflow Management System (PWMS) acts as a central system in the software development process at Prithvitech. It record comments, instructions, descriptions and tips issued by the various links in the software development hierarchy - Analyst, Project Manager, Team Leader, Programmer, Tester. This helps by...

Problems addressed by this software

Softwares exist to automate various parts of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). However, PWMS aims to manage the software development process by keeping a detailed track of tasks for each programmer, provide for iterative development and documentation as testers detect bugs, Team Leaders and Project Managers provide comments on better algorithms etc.

Successful operation demands that using the system be painless, and that special training should not be needed to run the application. Towards this goal, we have attempted to make the user interface very friendly, easy to use and free of useless clutter and screens. No separate data entry operators are needed.

Technologies used : Java - swing, mysql database server

Demo available on request; please tell us what kind of workflow you wish to manage, and how.
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Description : Project And Workflow Management System - targeted at easing the workflow management of the manufacturing process at any organization, including software development oriented companies.
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