Our work on the Real Estate Sector

Work on the New Homes website

newhomes.com has about 40,000 plus pages. The work involved updating the website so that the site becomes more friendly to the search engines (google etc.) and improving it's appearance.

The objectives were :

  1. Apply a new look provided by designers of the company.
  2. Modify and optimize code to ensure website is search-engine friendly (w3c xhtml compliance?)
  3. Transfer text from static pages into a simplified content management system (CMS) developed exclusively for this purpose, so that the company's content editors can easily edit content on their own.
  4. Email generated leads to relevant staff, and store them in a leads table.
  5. Work out a unix shell script based functionality check system, to do a quick simple automated check for key functionality - essential as a regression testing mechanism during development.

The task was made complex with the presence of pages with maps of all states; these state maps had to be placed in separate pages, served up dynamically, and yet appear as static html pages to search engines (a part of search engine optimization).

The search queries were enormous, involving multiple left joins and multiple self-joins. Understanding and altering these queries to suit new needs was not a task for people new to SQL.

Technologies used : Java/JSP, CSS based layouts, javascript, AJAX, Unix shell scripting.

Work on Wellcomemat website

Wellcomemat provides real estate video tours.
We were tasked with updating the site appearance, adding a FAQs section having a user-friendly ajax based administrative backend, creating pages for mobile browsers, and Search Engine Optimization of the website code.

Technologies used : PHP/Mysql, CSS based layouts, AJAX

Work on Builderfeeds website

We are developing builderfeeds.com as a service, which publishes real estate listings to multiple sites, providing a very strong marketing and SEO boost to your listings. The interface features AJAX, and is specially designed to be very intuitive and user friendly.


Technologies used : AJAX, JSP, PHP (Wordpress), Mysql, openoffice API

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Description : We've worked extensively on the real estate sector, including implementing a RETS parser, listings websites, bulk listing upload interfaces etc.
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