Search Engine Optimization

SERVICE 1 : Guarenteed first page for keyword-sets of your choice

We can guarentee you first page for most keywords-sets of your choice, or refund your money.

We'll study your keywords-sets, and inform you if we accept these keyword-sets for our guarentee or not.

It will take 1 to 4 months for the search engines to pick our updates. If at the end of these 4 months, your site does not show up on first page for at least one keyword-set, we will completely refund your money.

We will only use whitehat techniques. Changing website content and pages is an integral part of our strategy, and you will need to delegate a person to authorize these changes in a timely manner.

Service 2 : Revamp of your website code to suit search engines better.

Search engines require website code to be structured differently from conventional coding standards. Having extensive SEO experience, we know the importance of this activity, and would recommend that this be the first activity for any website.

However, this service does not interfere with our first offering of "Guarenteed first page for keyword-sets of your choice", and you can take the first service independent of this activity.

Service 3 : Keyword suggestions by analyzing your model of business, and their implementation

We'll analyze your business model, and suggest keywords to you. Following your approval, we will implement these keywords on your website, so that they rank first on google.

We'll give a quote for this service only after a paid detailed study,
OR provide a free quote as a part of revamping your website code as in Service 2 above.

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Description : Search engines require a completely new way of thinking when creating/updating websites. Theme implementation techniques, coding of pages so that search engines like the pages better, optimization and reorganization of pages according to keywords, re-organization of text to make pages more self-explainatory in terms of text, link building etc. are all activities that contribute to your website ranking on search engines, and provide a boost to your search-result position.
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