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At Prithvitech, we strongly believe that software design should eliminate the need for testing. To put this into practice, we stress on software design and to ensure the best results, Prithvitech has incorporated testing into its software development workflow process.


Often, clients purchase products from diverse vendors, and then are stuck with maintaining the same data multiple times. For example, a company might be maintaining a database on one server, and its website which shows reports from the same data needs to be manually fed with regular reports extracted from the same database. We could merge such systems to provide seamless integration all the while maintaining security of your data.

Development Methodologies

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines require a completely new way of thinking when creating/updating websites. Theme implementation techniques, coding of pages so that search engines like the pages better, optimization of pages according to keywords, re-organization of text to make pages more self-explainatory in terms of text, link building etc. are all activities that contribute to your website ranking on search engines, and provide a boost to your search-result position. We've done extensive work on SEO, and can move your website ranking upwards significantly. More >>

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Description : Prithvitech provides services for Software Development, Software testing, E-Commerce and GIS. Our Products :Bandwidth Manager PrithviGIS, E-commerce System Sylk generator
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