A general purpose shoppingcart

The shopping-cart has two levels of login: Site administrator and shopping-cart operator. The administrator can add and alter products and operators, as also do everything an operator can do. Operators perform daily processing of orders. Secure transfer of financial (credit card) information in compliance with the pay gateway specifications is implemented in this shopping-cart, and the security and ruggedness of this protocol has been tested thoroughly.

The system implements a clean failure mechanism, such that in the case of drastic occurrences like power failure/network breakdown, the database does not remain in an inconsistent state.

The shoppingcart (or shopping engine for the esoteric pedantics) is developed in association with Buteo Software, Ohio, US.

The web application is split into three modules - Administrator module, Employee module and Customer module.

Customer module

Employee module

The Employee module enables employees of the organization to maintain their online product database, and to manage transactions and keep a record online.

Administrator module

Apart from what the employees can do, the administrator also has the capability to create employees.

Optional additional possibilities :

Online image manipulation (eg write your name on the product image), price ranges or price slabs, custom sales policies like preferred customers etc.

Technical features

Sample Implementation sites

Following are some sample sites at which the shoppingcart has been implemented -

Sites at which this shopping cart has been implemented

Technologies used :Postgres as database (other RDBMS can be implemented easily), transactions on the database (thoroughly tested to ensure a safe credit card transaction, and rollback in case of any failure), javamail api, Java, JSP (Java Server Pages), HTML, DHTML, Javascript (JS).

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Description : A shoppingcart for e-commerce developed by Prithvitech consultants in association with Buteo Software, using JSP and postgres.
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